Oct 27, 2006


Dining with leper

And violence is fears fierce sister

Powerlessness, silencing brother speech

Clarifies conditions of todays

Empire, dictatorship of

The educated, the complacent and

Correct the traces left by some

Error inherent as the key to the


And me, I am dining with narcoleptics

And I am feeling the sickness as if

I was growing mad too

But I was talking to Jehovah

And last night I received a phone call

from President Jefferson

Granting me full amnesty

Again, I awake in that desolate place

My eye, caressing this land in bloom

All but a figment of my mind, they say

My dreams are getting armed

And all of those attempting to part

Me from this – they shall taste the blade of the sword

Their dreams have passed away

But never will they take mine

I´d rather be mad

And outshine

An empire inside my head

I don´t belong here

Why do they keep me still?

I am meant to be free

I won´t depend on anyone but myself!


Then I scratch some stain on my soul

I am still sweating, and I wonder where I am

It feels like I just awoke from some sort of sleep

Hazy days, hazy nights

There is no clearance here

My life, it feels so empty

Some kind of madness to call it life, actually -

Where did they go?

And why did they take that medicine with them?

I want those petty dreams back!

Again, I awake in deserted places…

(Oktober 2005)

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