Oct 9, 2006


Past the Falls (So Much for a Winner)

/How Much I Envy You for Dreaming

So”… they say

So”… they say, and when it comes to you

Won´t you ever disturb me again?

Way past malicious fallacies

And make-believe we were that humble,

Or strong, if that was more appealing

If that was what you wanted

Somehow pathetic

We take the fall and don´t wonder

Anymore for what comes next

Is what we´ve had before

Is what we´ve already had

Ready to bust us in

Bust us out

We are way past anger and meaning

Still, that was a sense of living

Some glimpse, at least

And it felt much better

When it was like that, like a fact, intact

And there was no question or surrender

As if it would have ever been this way

Light that cigarette

As you reason, and imagine

Yourself a hero this way

Except for grace, everything still keeps on going

Not entirely in order, perhaps

But who would ask for that?

Who should give a damn?

So you declare

War on that last cigarette

And give it another try

Hold your breath, for a second only

In times, you wish things were not the way

They are, or better, in one way or another

Yet they always kind of trick you on that matter

Get the looks closer on the glass of gin ahead

Stop the spin of thinking (inside your head)

Get out on top, there´s so much for a winner

Ask that worn out girl next to you on the counter

Ask to save her for a last dance


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