Oct 4, 2006

poetry #2

for safety reason

And me, will i come home safe

  • all through the night

days that won´t end

and at some point even the silence

grows unbearable

wait all your life

for a sign

for a sign

and where did the feeling go?

what do i miss in here?

i´m at home with the distance

once you are going anyway

and join in the laughter

is that what you had called the life?

but i´m at peace with all

the stupid things i done

what if my heart yearned for

places far remote

and i were still here

taking a break

no cigarette was light enough

to kill the stale taste

of immigration

or having stayed


well, here i am again

my life has been but a short memory

and i am measuring the worlds

in bare feet

at home for some of a moment

yet gone just in time to not

grow roots

in love with all the wrong girls

i have seen every utopia

or what you name it for

all steady things do pass

and - what people tend to overlook

is - they even founder in time

you just need to look

from the right perspective

if i were to write something

to withstand all time

how would i ever die?


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