Feb 20, 2008

a matter of personal significance

林瓊文與王藝智, 我會想你們的。
我祝你們一路順風, have a nice and safe trip home! You will always be welcome back here!
I hope you keep us in good memory and will look back to the time you spent in Leipzig with a smile!

Thank you for the great time with you, I will miss you!
May you be blessed by all the gods and good spirits!

All the best, Jacob

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey Jacob!
i've already arrived in Kaohsiung!
Thanks for the message, I will miss you,too.
Of course I have a wonderful time with you guys in Leipzig. That's a really good memory!! Thank you for the time, helping us, when we were in Leipzig!
I wish you have a great time in your traineeship!