Feb 20, 2008

30 Seconds to Mars and what this has to do with Climate Change

You may think of the band 30 Seconds to Mars what you will (and I do!), you might like them or not, but I think we can agree about one fact:

They are using their popularity (that to some extent is the popularity lead singer and actor Jared Leto) in a substantial and meaningful way, comparable to, say, Al Gore using his popularity for popularising an urgent change in attitudes towards climate change.
You wish all musicians were this engaged and willing to take on responsibility to make use of the direct channel which connects them especially with the young kids of today, giving them a role model in looking beyond their complacent little life led in sometimes obscene not-to-be-taken -for-granted wealth and boredom.

I thought it would be time for something new and exciting I thought it would be time for something new and interesting on this blog. And since my most beloved hobby is listening to music, I thought this new feature to be a regular update on bands that I view as being underrepresented and worth introducing to you, my dear readers...

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