Aug 29, 2010

Bound in Motion Furor

What if this were Rome burning tonight
and we were still sticking to past mistakes
running past the same images in our minds
spinning over and over again

Would we keep our mouths shut
eyes taped, arms bound
forever doomed to the same story
told at night, but still - a convenient truth
for we are left to tell

Only - we know, it's all but a lie
and the people are bound in motion pictures
or concentrated in camps
the animals were taking over

Corpses washing down the river
the ground soaked in black and green blood
breathing a sole grievance
and everywhere the towers are growing into the sky
tongues twist as people divide

We follow the footsteps to a new home
and a bright future ahead
where distraction will keep us from
aiming clearsighted and thus is to be eliminated
outdated, the inferior falling to our furor
childish naïveté mating mature brute
this house is burning
and the dancefloor explodes in light

(written somewhat around 2008/09, inspired by visited Rwandan sites)

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