Nov 18, 2009

raining Taiwan

rain, everlasting rain, eternal rain... we used to sacrifice for you... Taiwan is so rich in it, blessing for the island's flora and fauna... why do we stay in cold abstract amassings of concrete, waiting for the day to pass, waiting for another day to starve, letting our creativity starve in office boxes, take every bit of green out of the bricks, keeps our work ethic clean, plants keep on teasing us with questions on our true place in nature, complain we haven't come home in such a long time, and then the production line sucks us in again, numbing conscience to subconsciousness, we are wholly torn apart, this is the world we live in, and no - it is not: this is the world we made for us to live in, and we try to live forever, forever we try, can't deal with what lies beneath this our crafted walls of concrete, dreams become subject to analysis, mere substitution for what is happening while we're "awake", or perhaps we are not, anyway, raindrops fall on corrugated sheets like drums of nature to our ears, and this is the sound of now, a gift from heaven, water is creation, is creativity in process, and we keep ourselves clean and dry inside our own creations of massive gray, waiting for the day to end, another day to dawn, another day in black and white, and gray, and we love and hate, all the same over and over again, and though i might idealistically disdain myself for it, i am nonetheless able to swim with the stream, to live my life walking concrete precincts, sitting on plastic chairs, staring at virtual realities, blinded by artificial light; this is where i am, as though i did not have a choice, i'm sure it will kill me, and everybody else, and we all know, but still - we have to face it somehow everyday, and i am not afraid to admit i cannot explain, but though knowing and dreaming we may still be able to rejoice, - and i consider this a unique treasure -, and i love it, or maybe it is THROUGH knowing and dreaming that we can rejoice eventually, if knowledge is what enables us to reflect, change, and cherish what is running through our hands

(picture taken from, Martin Winter's blog. Read it.)

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