Jul 29, 2007

Letter to the Ancestors

letter to the ancestors

take us back to the origins of time

take us back to where it all started from

and tell your story to the man

tell it to the man who killed you

who killed you

in the first and every place

the man who lost his mind

and won´t remember

this is what it has all gone down to

you won´t be able to make a difference

you neither

for you are lost

and you can´t help yourself

from dying in the end

because once he has heard your story

the man can´t help but cry

and swear none like this will

ever happen again

but then it did happen again;

and he will kill you there

in your beds sleeping

in the fields hunting

in the trees running from him

and it went on like this for a thousand

times for every story that was told

and it didn´t make a difference in the end

or change the world

but every story was a difference in its own right

and changed a world,

if at least a bit

but once it was lost,

it would be never heard again

(Taipei, 15.07.07)

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